Someday / Jesper

Fayts alive, at this rate you’re gonna give us grey hair before we’re thirteen.

Cespin Elias (Lieutenant Boarder)

Race: Sunstrider
Moon Bay (?)
Eye Color/Hair:
Blue/Reddish Orange
Quick, Short-tempered, Plural

  • Unbroken Bloomed
    Someday/Jesper was not bonded at birth as are other lifestay. He was once another and she of the unbroken.
  • Masterkey
    Someday/Jesper has been to nearly every port of call, on every continent, in ever corner of Sora. Though only twelve, is welcomed in more homes and at more tables than any being should have the right. As to why is anyone’s guess.
  • Fire and Fate
    Having fired thousands upon thousands of shells to date, everything from long nines to trebuchets, has never missed a single shot.


  • Aggressive
  • Intelligent
  • Excitable


The Fayts took any modicum of patience Someday might have had and poured it into an insatiable curiosity of the world, making her blunt, excitable, and restless. Jesper loves all manner of mechanism but, being much more level-headed than his counterpart, acts as a quasi conscience to her blustery tirades. Often though, he is swept up into her inventions and endless pursuits to understand the unknown.


  • Machines
  • Explosives
  • Dustless Water


At 4’7″ Someday is quite tall for her age, thank you very much. Stout, sturdy, and wild, she has little time to care about things as trivial as appearance. Her hair is often carelessly tied out of the way, and she is perpetually covered in one grease or another, hands filled with her next project. Jesper’s fur is stormy grey with a splotch of brown over his eye. As far as minks go, he is impressively well-kept.

As the youngest member aboard the Judy, Someday/Jesper is an invaluable part of the crew, equal in everything. Off-ship, however, is often underestimated by all met for roughly seven minutes. It has never taken longer than that to stamp into every doubtful mind how foolish it is to think this Sunstrider a child… even if they happen to be one.


Though everyone seems to know of Someday/Jesper, little of substance is known for truth. Nothing is known of a family, but assumed birth is in Moon Bay, as with most Sunstriders. But even that is here-say. What is known is that since the age of seven, Someday/Jesper has been running as far and as fast as possible. What from or toward is a mystery.

Several years prior, Someday/Jesper helped Holson out of a considerable amount of duress, and ever since they have been thick as blasting jelly. Met by happenstance aboard a Magpie, Drake immediately saw the potential in this strange pair and offered employment. Someday/Jesper has been his lead gunner ever since.

Prized Possessions:

  • A single porcelain beggar’s cup
  • An ancient and unintelligible set of schematics
  • Gunpowder
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