“Broc Sewell’s debut novel is a remarkable achievement for a first-time novelist. In Legends of Sora he presents the reader with a whole new world, a fantasy world which has an internal logic and its own history, making it a believable and relatable one. His main characters, Valeo and Breeze, are fully rounded and engaging, and the reader soon becomes immersed in their adventures. And there are certainly plenty of those. The action is fast-paced, indeed often breathless, and chapters frequently end with exciting cliff-hangers impossible to ignore. There’s humour here too, and the dialogue feels authentic and always true to character.  Descriptions are vivid and atmospheric. It is obvious from the start that the author has invested an enormous amount of time and effort in his creation, and the result is a truly impressive work of fantasy fiction that I am sure will have a great following. Even for those readers, like myself, who don’t read much fantasy, the literary merit of this book shines out, and makes it stand out from the crowd. Broc Sewell is only at the start of his writing career, but on the basis of this first volume in what will eventually be a 8-volume saga, that career will be a long and successful one.”

—Mandy Jenkinson

Mandy Jenkinson is an avid and voracious reader from Cheltenham, England. With nearly 4,000 books read on Goodreads alone, she has amassed over 2,500 published reviews and, as a Goodreads reviewer, is ranked in the the top 100 of the United Kingdom.

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