Legends of Sora

Set Sail on an Epic Adventure…

A Skyward Fantasy Book Series Brimming With Pirates, Mystery, and Vertigo.

Runners born of luck and fury

Patchwork thieves outpacing fate

Ancient powers bound by blood

A floating world’s expiration date

Sora is a floating world torn by ancient disaster, where oceans are memory, lands drift like clouds, and pirates rule the air above a shadowy central core, the Darksky.

valeo wields luck easier than common sense. breeze is a balancing act on the headsman’s axe. urban acrobats with a knack for trouble bonded by a common goal: uncovering the powers hidden in their blood . . . before the fallen—mythical keepers of the dead—find them first.

As their lives begins to crumble around them, Pursued by terrifying creatures that cannot die, these two friends adventure across the skies with a ragtag band of thieves to complete a 1,000-year heist gone awry, unraveling the ancient secret that just might save their world from crumbling into Darksky forever.

Anna Jean Hughes

It’s honestly the best book I’ve read in years. Enthralling, poetic, and wonderful.”

Mandy Jenkinson

The literary merit of this book shines out. A truly impressive work of Fantasy Fiction.

Mariah Castillo

“This story, these characters, this world . . . it’s gonna be huge, I just know it.”

The Epic, 8-Part Swashbuckling Fantasy Series Coming Soon to Booksellers Everywhere.