Welcome to Sora . . .

A world torn by ancient disaster, where oceans are memory, lands drift like clouds, and pirates rule the air above a shadowy central core, the Darksky.

The Fayts…powers of rage, Love, serenity, and Death itself, were scattered upon this cataclysm, and now power everything in existence. Through their influence, humanity has risen anew.

Valeo is among the last of his kind, able to wield luck easier than common sense. Breeze is a balancing act on the headsman’s axe—half serenity and half unquenchable fury. Urban acrobats with a knack for trouble, they are bonded by a common goal: uncovering the powerful secrets hidden in their blood . . . something the Fallen, mythical keepers of the dead, have long been hunting.

Falling in with a patchwork band of corsairs, thieves with an agenda all their own, these friends embark on a race across the skies to complete a 1,000-year heist gone awry and unlock the key hidden in their heritage. What waits locked behind that eternal secret just might be able to save their world from crumbling into Darksky forever.

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