Breeze lives the edge of peace and fury

Valeo wields luck easy as breathing

In an ancient world drifting among the clouds

Their Fate is the last thing keeping it afloat

Our Story Begins…

Breeze and Valeo are tracers, beading lines over rooftops across every inch of Heartstone like they have most of their lives. In a world that floats through the sky, where a single slip could mean infinite death, some would say it’s the peak of stupidity. Neither of them care too terribly much. If buildings weren’t meant to be climbed, why build ’em so high in the first place?

Valeo is a Fleetfoot, one of the last, and though he’s barely getting a handle on it, he should be able to bend luck to his will. He’s brash, foolhardy, impulsive, and every last penny of stupid—at least that’s what Breeze would say. Her mum was a Rageborn, and her vile father was an Evenglass. Fury and Serenity all spun up and powering the veins of a single person…powerful and volatile to say the least, thrice bit as dangerous as a barrel of bricks tumbling on your head—Valeo’s words, not hers.

The pair find solace in each others’ company and a dream shared: joining up with a Corsair crew to adventure across the world like Drassiter and Fareday, the two most notorious pirates that ever lived. Those plans are thrown into overdrive at the arrival of a mysterious captain knowing more than he should about Valeo’s missing family, especially when hot on his heels stalk The Fallen—keepers of the dead thought to be only legend—who seek Valeo for the secrets hidden in his heritage.

Using every ounce of their skills, these friends must escape a city burning and crumbling around them, hunted by creatures that cannot die, and led by a captain with more swagger than sincerity…

It seems their adventures have only just begun.

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