Cespin Elias

Losin’ ain’t a flavor I’m familiar with. When you go against me, yer gettin’ second place.

Cespin Elias (Lieutenant Boarder)

Race: Brightwin
Warden’s Roost
Eye Color/Hair:
Drawling, Sarcastic, Bored

  • Unmasked and Unfettered
    Spoke the final word, cast the final play to end the battle of Brieden’s Bellows and bring it’s tyrant to justice. He somehow did it all without a single drop of blood shed.
  • The Long(est) Con
    Has spent fifteen years balancing a very dangerous ruse with an even more dangerous opponent–a member of the royal parliament. Has never been suspected. Whatever his end-goal, Cespin has yet to reveal his hand.
  • Will o’ Wisp
    A lifetime of near-constant duress has given Cespin a composure of iron. Nothing makes him so much as flinch. Every step, dodge, and parry, every time he draws a pistol . . . he is never off-balance. He does not hesitate.


  • Introspective
  • Calculating
  • Honest (Sometimes)


Cespin is a hard person to read until he opens his mouth. Never one to rhapsodize ad nauseam, instead speaking only when he has a mind to and when he feels it necessary, when he finally does speak, it is blunt, withering, impatient, and rebellious. He has less time for courtesy than a back-alley thief, preferring the inarguable truth of action over empty utterance.


  • Reading
  • Freshly painted places
  • Quiet music from another room


Tall, dark, and slim, with a straight nose, a jawbone carved by god, and unmarred, smooth skin, Cespin is unquestionably handsome. His usual wardrobe consists of practical, but expensive, clothing of the highest quality. He is seldom seen without his signature red long coat and black boots, both of which are adorned with golden bells he can seemingly silence at will.

Cunning, intelligent, and fiercely independent, Cespin has little time for incompetence. He has trained relentlessly his entire life for two things: how to read every single aspect of an opponent, and––in the rare instance things go sideways––how to shoot them.


Cespin has an elaborate, complicated, and almost entirely checkered past. As a child, he was “raised” on every con, scheme, and trick his hedonistic mother could conceive. Often fleeing from port to port, Cespin’s earliest memories are of playing the lost sparrow in a Long Nine, or the widow’s son in Fortune’s Favor. 

Though raised as a grifter, and accessory to a fortune of illegalities, Cespin still struggles against fleecing the world blind. Something gnaws at the back of his mind, making him hesitate in ways his ruthless mother never could. When a chance arose to join the Corsair’s, he followed a whim, crafted a cover, and has been sailing ever since.

Prized Possessions:

  • An ornate flintlock wishing for death.
  • An ancient coin holding a secret
  • Three words unspoken
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