Forgotten nought and linger still, Ageless bone and iron will.


Fayt: Time
Homeland: Erenmore
Eye Color/Hair: Varying but Pale/Varied
Dialect: Aged, Expired Diction, Stilted

  • Font of Youth
    Timeless do not age. Their bodies, their minds, do not deteriorate with the passing of time regardless of what stress is placed upon them.
  • Steps Unbound
    Timeless have the deepest understanding of the machinations of time. Far outstripping any athlete, they are able to move, react, and anticipate supernaturally fast.
  • Mind’s Eternal
    Timeless cannot die. When a death blow is struck, they simply go into a deep sleep until their body recovers. Upon waking once more, they find themselves fully healed . . . but having lost a part of their memories forever in the process.

Common Characteristics:

  • Compassionate
  • Determined
  • Prideful


The majority of Timeless have a penchant to be elitist due to their ancient history. Often they are well-mannered but arrogant. They tend to mean well and want the best for the world around them, but unfortunately treat most of Sora’s inhabitants like children.

Common Likes:

  • Anything Historical
  • Reading
  • Children


Timeless vary in size, age, and color, but all have a somewhat telling pale sheen to their skin.

Each and every one of them have been around since the Breaking. Whatever state their body was in at that time, they have since been ‘frozen’ in that moment. They value their own opinions most given their near-limitless experiences. They are often seen as patronizing by the mortal races of Sora due to ways of thinking from times long forgotten.


Timeless have ruled over Sora’s habitants as long as there have been taxes to collect and bodies to oppress. They have never been seen in a favorable light, but more of an unavoidable nuisance. The self-proclaimed “Queen” of Sora, Llewelyn, is Timeless and has held her seat for time immemorial. Every conflict has been propelled, mitigated, instigated, or carried through by Timeless. They have a hand in most matters of the world and strive to keep the status-quo.

Prized Professions:

  • Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Historians
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