The heart, the heat, the broken branch…every taste in every bite.


Fayt: N/A
Homeland: Rixa
Eye Color/Hair:Swirling/ Highlights
Dialect: Varied

  • Duality
    Riverworn can take on traits, both large and small, of whatever mix they are. The resonation, the strength, and the skill in which they can use said abilities varies greatly. An ocean becomes a drop, and the drop becomes the ocean.
  • Iron Skin
    Whether by design or upbringing, Riverworn are incredibly tenacious and enduring, both mentally and physically able to withstand prolonged pain, hardship, or suffering.
  • Second Sight
    Riverworn are the outcome of multiple pieces coming together as one, and as such can always sense what race someone else is, what parts make up the whole, no matter the disguise or illusion.

Common Characteristics:

  • Stubborn
  • Brave
  • Adapatable


Riverworn are a varied lot, ranging the mixture of emotional capacity, tendencies, and expectations of every other race in countless combinations. Some are as fierce as Rageborn but as smart as a Brightwin, others are Fleetfeet lucky and Evenglass insane. More still are a stuttering combination of all the above. 

Common Likes:

  • Traveling
  • Culture
  • Skyshot


Riverworn run the gambit of size, shape, and color, but always with eyes swirling with the races they are a part of and hair likewise a burst of shades.

The traits and skills are different for every Riverworn, some so fully in-tune with a certain race that beyond their hair, none could tell the difference. Others are so fully mixed that no notable skills beyond a ‘normal’ human experience ever surfaces. For the most part, Riverworn are somewhere between: a shine of luck, a splash of wit, or a touch of love’s embrace.


Being a Riverworn is a lottery-like mutation, eligible only to those born with at least (3) of the (8) races in their ancestral makeup. Even then, there’s no guarantee, the telltale sign being the distinct “swirling irises.” Nonetheless, it is a fairly common occurrence found in every port and call. With so many different backgrounds, pinning them down into a specific history, or even group, is impossible—Rixa being the exception. A fully Riverworn city that has been at almost constant war or dispute with one nation or another . . . forever.

Prized Professions:

  • Diplomats
  • Traders
  • Cooks
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