Heads quick to war and rage, hearts that yearn for song and page.


Fayt: Fury
Homeland: The Reach
Eye Color/Hair: Violet/Black and Straight
Dialect: Eloquent, Antiquated, Well-Spoken

  • Still Standing
    Rageborn stamina is legendary. They can work longer, fight harder, and still be running smooth as the last rival falls to utter exhaustion. Their stubborn grit is unrivaled by all other races.
  • Bloodrage
    Some can enter a state of inhuman strength when angry or threatened, growing in size and stature (sometimes permanently) and capable of withstanding mammoth-felling blows.
  • Knitting Wounds
    Either by evolution or design, Rageborn heal and recover at an incredible rate. Broken bones set within weeks, cuts, bruises, and other wounds disappear in a matter of hours/days.

Common Characteristics:

  • Short-tempered
  • Impassioned
  • Steadfast


Abrupt, aggressive, eloquent . . .these words are as smooth a fit as one of the Ragewarden’s famed boar-hide gloves. Many call them blunt, hot-headed (and wouldn’t be wrong), but underneath that thorny exterior lies fierce loyalty, piety, an unwavering sense of justice, and a wondrous love of building.

Common Likes:

  • Poetry
  • Exercise
  • Handicraft


Rageborn tower over all others, many olive-toned due to the Everflame, with broad, blunt features.

Typical Rageborn are separated into clans. A Rageborn’s clan is her family, there is no parent/child/ sibling differentiation. Each Rageborn, as they approach adulthood, must go through the Quelling, a trial to control their inner storm. They follow the strongest, and as such, leadership is constantly changing. Their lives appear brutal, unforgiving and cold. That being said, Rageborn have fierce affection for words, works of art, and music.


Rageborn inhabit The Reach, an ever-cloudy land of ancient forests and mountains to the west. Their story is a tenacious tale of two different coins pressed into the same roiling soul. They are fascinated by silence, by art and beauty, but are inevitably drawn to conflict. Theirs is a past wrought of dualities: turmoil and blood, alongside duty, respect, and preservation of life.

Prized Professions:

  • Soldiers
  • Builders
  • Caregivers

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