Lend me the stars, and I’ll show you why each one makes me smile.


Fayt: Love
Homeland: Varo
Eye Color/Hair: Brown/Golden Blonde and Curly
Dialect: Flowery, Humble, Flowing

  • Bonding
    Each Heartsung “bonds” with one pursuit, one passion for their entire lives. Dancing, gardening, warfare . . . once discovered, their expertise and skill is unparalleled.
  • Loving Embrace
    Heartsung tap into the very coils of human emotion, creating incredible infatuation, unbearable sadness, or unquenchable rage in whomsoever they choose . . . to their desire.
  • Empathy
    Heartsung can sense the emotions and feelings of those around them, almost as a scent upon the air. Whatsoever a person yearns for, who and what they are attracted to in any sense, a Heartsung reads as clear as the sky.

Common Characteristics:

  • Patient
  • Caring
  • Obsessive


Heartsung tend to be incredibly thoughtful, considerate, and kind—words and speech flowery and sweet. Being able to feel and experience the emotions of those nearby leads them down the natural path of compassion. They are enthusiastic for those things they love, often oblivious to things not directly related.

Common Likes:

  • Stories of Grandeur
  • The Act of Creating
  • Their Bond


Heartsung tend to have thick curly hair surrounding round, soft features. They range in stature and size.

Heartsungs are often swept up by emotion, feelings welling up so swiftly they come pouring out of their owners’ bodies and into the world. They value names above all, keeping their true names a guarded secret. Heartsungs spend their teenage years seeking out their bond, their reason for being. Those unlucky few who never do slip into Everlonging, a fate all Heartsungs pity and fear in equal measure.


Heartsung inhabit the endless green hills of the Isle of Moor, attempting to live quiet, peaceful lives. Their passion is legend, their creations unmatched. Yet, outsiders see a Heartsung’s ever-optimistic belief in the goodness of people as weakness, naivety. This is folly. Threaten something beloved, you have made an enemy. Threaten someone’s soul reason for being, their very heart’s essence, you have made a tenacious foe that will be unparalleled.

Prized Professions:

  • A bonded Heartsung is revered above all, in every profession.

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