Feet be nimble, hands be quick, laugh and leap and tune and trick.


Fayt: Luck
Homeland: Oriander
Eye Color/Hair: Gold/Deep Crimson and Straight

Dialect: Non-rhotic, Lilting, Avoid Pronouns

  • Luck be Quick
    Fleetfeet live their entire lives with everything around them at least slightly going their way whether they mean for it or not.
  • Burning Chances
    Some Fleetfeet can physically alter the luck around them in their favor—sourced from their surroundings. This comes at a price of both expended energy and extreme foolhardiness.
  • Secrets Kept and Secrets Told
    Some Fleetfeet can feel the stories of hidden and secret things. The grander the tale, the louder it resonates to them. Nothing is hidden from a fully aware Fleetfoot for long.

Common Characteristics:

  • Fickle
  • Irreverent
  • Clever


A Fleetfoot spends their entire life with the proverbial wind forever at their back. They have an entirely different understanding of risk, and are perceived as reckless, impulsive daredevils. They talk quick, think quicker, and dive right in quickest of all.

Common Likes:

  • Adventure
  • Gambling
  • Treasure


Fleetfeet tend to be thin, lithe, and nimble with sharp features and long noses.

Burning chances for a Fleetfoot is an intoxicating and dangerous affair. It alters the situation in their favor (more so than their natural affinity with luck) but cannot create skill where there is none. Despite that, a sense of perfect confidence floods them—regardless of actual ability or situation. Many foolhardy Fleetfeet have met an untimely demise by overreaching their luck. Alas, even as they fell, they never doubted themselves for an instant.


Fleetfeet are the rarest of all Sora’s races. Their exact numbers are unknown, tending to flee whatever way the wind fancies. Why? Where did they go? The few preserved scraps of their history indicates that at some point long ago, most Fleetfeet simply vanished. The reason to why is anyone’s guess.

Prized Professions:

  • Thieves
  • Musicians
  • Acrobats

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