The Fallen

Age bends, time claims, hands beg. In silence heard. In silence kept.

The Fallen

Fayt: Death
Eye Color/Hair:
Silver and pupilless/Varying

  • Undying
    Fallen are incapable of dying. Their bodies can be mangled, ruined, or destroyed, and a Fallen will still exist in some capacity. The only known solution is to send them to Sky.
  • Unburning
    Fallen are completely immune to fire. As other flesh and flora turn to ash, Fallen are not the least bit affected by neither heat nor flame.
  • Death Comes
    They can sense how and when a person is meant to die, regardless of their age or race. Often, they are the ones meant to bring it.

Common Characteristics:

  • Dogged
  • Unmoved
  • Silent


Little can be said about the personality of the Fallen, as few believe they even exist and fewer still desire to find out for sure. What can be garnered by stories, however, is a tireless drive to preserve the natural order of death—even if they wield the blade—lending new meaning to the term, “Death comes for us all.”

Common Likes:

  • Children’s Tales
  • Music
  • Sunlight


Fallen are said to be sexless, with elongated fingers, bodies more akin to a carapace of hard iron than flesh. Those few reported sightings say they are capable of loping on all fours like a beast.

Fallen are messengers of death, come to deliver those whose time has come. Every mention throughout history seems to corroborate this singular purpose. All that can be said for truth is this: if you wake and see a shadow flicker through the darkness . . . make peace, for your final moments are at hand.


Sky Harpies and Sables, Finch Farrows and Olewights, none produce the leaden, primal fear of the Fallen. Most believe them myth, but others, either mad or with longer memories, hold an unspoken terror of the Sonnet Wars. The sole surviving copy of Lowen’s Tomes had this to say on the subject: ‘Approx. 1200 years ago, the Fallen surged from Vraith, nearly driving humanity extinct. Upon the shores of Vernadon, as the final remnants of all of Sora prepared for their last . . . the Fallen vanished, never to be seen again.

Prized Professions:

  • Unknown

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