Age-old riddles, mysteries… solved ’em all ages ago. Gimme somethin’ hard why don’t ya?


Fayt: Logic
Homeland: Spire’s Landing
Eye Color/Hair: Red/Brown and Wavy
Dialect: Fast, Clipped, Thick Drawl

  • Mastery of Maths
    Brightwins are, as a rule, by and far the most intelligent race in all of Sora. Virtually any equation, science, or required logical connection is often instantly comprehended.
  • Mind of Gold
    Brightwin have an incredible aptitude for understanding. Whatever the ancient machine, forgotten language, or problem, Brightwins learn it with hours, master it within days.
  • Clarity in Connection
    Every single Brightwin remembers every moment of their entire lives, from birth until final breath, perfectly and can relive any moment as fresh, sharp, and poignant as the day it was cast.

Common Characteristics:

  • Excitable
  • Driven
  • Tactless


Brightwins think faster than all others and as a byproduct are sharp-tongued and clever, knowing exactly what needs to be said . . . but lacking the damndest care on when it needs to be said. They have zero patience for dull-wittedness and revel in every moment a new discovery is brought forth.

Common Likes:

  • New Technology
  • Inventing
  • Manual Labor


Brightwins tend to be thin, willowy, and tanned due to the ever-present sun on the Midas Plain.

They have excellent eyesight, a voracious appetite for advancing their knowledge/skills, and become singularly driven in achieving their goals. Brightwin finish what others consider “a full education” by the time they are eight years old, and spend the next eleven years pursuing whatever subject/vocation they wish. They tend to learn every conceivable angle of any given situation before anyone else has had a chance to open their mouths to react.


Brightwins reside in Spire’s Landing, a massive city that has ever been, quite literally, the glowing beacon of technological advancement for all of Sora. Electricity, flight cores, all the modern advancements the world takes for granted, can be traced back to a Brightwin. What they have had their hand in throughout the course of history, for both good and ill, has always been in the pursuit and betterment of knowledge.

Prized Professions:

  • Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Archeologists

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